As a part of the Lebanese diaspora, I've found comfort in Lebanese cuisine as a remedy for homesickness. While Lebanese food is available around almost every corner, nothing quite compares to the comfort of an authentic home-cooked meal, also known as "tabkha" in Arabic.  Even if these dishes are easy to recreate, sourcing authentic ingredients can be challenging, especially for busy individuals like students or people with 9-5 jobs. 
This challenge led me to conceptualize Tabkha—a meal kit company dedicated to bringing the essence of home to your doorstep. Through branding, I aim to evoke the warmth and nostalgia of Lebanese culture, drawing from familiar elements such as architecture, music, and childhood memories. With Tabkha, the journey begins before the first bite, as each kit serves as a visual and gastronomic homage to Lebanese heritage.
Spring 2024
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